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Consultancy & Strategy

Collaborating to Take Your Business to the Next Level

Occasionally, a more hands-on approach from the business is required or desired. In these situations, I work side-by-side with you towards a shared goal of elevating your businesses digital presence. Marketing audits, lessons in how to manage aspects of your marketing in-house or even strategic planning for the next quarter and beyond - these just some of the consultancy options I offer.

As a marketing consultant with a proven track record of success, I confidently offer expert guidance and strategic insights to help small and local businesses thrive. And with experience in working with many industries, I understand the challenges that come with marketing management and have a unique perspective on how to solve them.


Whether you need help with social media, SEO, or running Google Ads, I can provide training so that these tasks can be taken over to be run in-house. 

Or maybe you want to learn more about these marketing touch points to gain a clearer and deeper understanding of budget and targeting methods, jargon and reporting. 

Whether you want to aid your marketing efforts, educate yourself on the practices being put into place or even teach your in-house staff;  with my consultancy services I tailor make each plan to meet my clients exactly where they are at. 


Providing support and instilling confidence is my sole focus.

"Katrina makes a confusing space seem simpler. I simply don't have time to manage my Facebook and Google Ads, Katrina really makes them work for me. If it wasn't for her I probably wouldn't have started to use them and they have been well worth the return on investment. 


We all know it's hard to trust someone with your own business as you struggle to let go of control but not with Katrina as she does put you first.


I cannot recommend her highly enough."

Anon, Physiotherapy client





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