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Updated: Feb 23 the Anirtak Digital blog!

I hope in time that this space will become something of splendour but for now, let's just chat...

Having been a freelance marketer for 5 years, I've had the amazing fortune of being very busy. But in 2024, emerging out of maternity leave, I've challenged myself and step up my own marketing game.

Some goals I've set:

  • Become more confident in front of the camera - filming Reels and videos for my website

  • Post regularly on my social channels

  • Write about my work after the job is completed (right here on my blog)

  • Work with some new brands (particularly in the beauty, health and fitness sectors)

  • Further develop my Google Ads/Analytics/GTM skills with some healthy doses of CPD

I plan to reflect on these goal in 6 months time as we approach the last quarter of the year.

I would also love to find a way to talk about life as a freelancer and a mother. I'm not sure where the best space for this is yet. Instagram? Or here maybe? The subject of childcare and WFH life is such a hot topic right now so it would be great to discuss my own experiences on that front.

Anyway - that's all for now!

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