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Why Choose

Anirtak Digital?

01 Fast turnaround

Deadlines met with no compromise on quality. Website design / optimisation and Google Ads are just two of the services I offer even when time is of the essence. 

02 Supporting skills

I combine my media talents with marketing knowledge to minimise any hold ups. Some of which include: photography, design and creative copy writing. This minimises disruption to the project or campaign and maximises overall efficiency. 

03 Personalised plans

Every brand is of course unique... I listen to your ideas and then tailor each marketing plan to the needs of your company - all with one goal in mind; to grow your business! After 9 years in the industry, I have a vast amount of experience with a huge variety of businesses and truly believe there is space for everyone in the ever-growing digital world. I aim to find a good balance between planning ahead and staying current - crucial in social media management, especially.

04 Transparency 

and communication

I pride myself on my ability to meet my clients where they are at. Too much information can overwhelm, but not enough can leave you feeling lost. An example of this being report structure and frequency, which are catered to how lengthly you want them, whether this be relevant updates only or in-depth and received monthly. This is all discussed at the very beginning of our relationship but reviewed regularly as our plans grow.

Why Choose Anirtak Digital?

"I have known Katrina for many years and there was no one better for the job when it came to my social marketing and website design. I wanted my media to show my personality, not just fade into the background and look like everything else.


Katrina produced everything I asked for, with such professionalism and character! Everything she has produced for me, looks tremendous! Not only does her work look amazing, she's so quick and efficient."

Rosemarie Shire, Rosie's Studio Ltd

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